GitHub Developer Program shows bigger love

The GitHub Developer Program (programme, if we’re using Her Majesty’s English) has been around for around three years now.

Essentially, this initiative exists to encourage developers to test out application builds that integrate with GitHub.

As many readers will know, GitHub is a web-based version control repository and Internet hosting service… it is also a software development platform in the context of its wider use.

Now, open to all

GitHub now says it is opening the programme up to all developers, even those who don’t have paid GitHub accounts.

According to the team, “We’re also introducing participation levels that come with existing program perks from us and our partners, like development licenses for GitHub Enterprise and a new category of benefits that help you build and scale even faster. [A total of] 17,000 developers around the world are already aboard—if you’re kicking around ideas for applications that integrate with GitHub, now’s the time to get started.”

How it works

Depending on the size of a developer’s user base, they will be placed into one of three levels.

Each group level gets a specific set of benefits, resources and tools available to help advance to the next stage of development.