Gianfranco Zola & open source enterprise portals

Sardinia is, undeniably, more famous for its footballing star Gianfranco Zola than it is for its integrated open source enterprise portal platform and content management systems.

But with so much technology emanating from the US development hubs of Silicon Valley, Raleigh, Boston and Washington DC — it’s kind of refreshing to hear of something new emanating from a little closer to home.

Entando is an Italian company that with its origins in the Sardinian capital of Cagliari. Its technology has been designed to be used for building customised web portals, which can then be integrated with other systems and changed in line with end-user demands.

This is open source technology — and in this instance this means that modules or entire portals can be shared and reused throughout organisations.

So to put it simply, Entando is an enterprise portal platform combined with a basic content management system for developers to build the types of web portals that are used for information sharing and project collaboration. For example, the civil protection services in Italy built a portal with Entando to communicate to citizens about the many natural disasters that occur in the country.

It uses a very modern widget-based approach, so the portals end up looking like iGoogle. Developers love it (so says Entando) because there is a widget for just about everything, so it’s easy to put the portals together and change them around very quickly as needed.

Oh, and the portals run on mobile devices too. Plus, it has built in accessibility features for disabled and partially sighted users, which meet EU compliance regulations — and crucially these features are for system administrators and end users.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be perhaps — the Italians have a pretty good track record when it comes to technology innovators: Leonardo da Vinci, Guglielmo Marconi, Camillo Olivetti, the list goes on…

… but my personal favourite (not that he was a techie) was Gaspare Campari.



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