Ghost in the Machine? No, it's Toads in the Cloud...

Quest Software has added support for the Apache Cassandra open-source NoSQL database, to its list of supported platforms with the second beta release of its Toad for Cloud Databases product.

Technical Note: Toad for Cloud Databases is a SQL-based interface built to manage data query and migration tasks for database-centric software developers and administrators. A NoSQL database typically refers to a non-relational database – so may be object-oriented without traditional database schema.

Quest says that Toad now supports data access and management for Apache Cassandra, Amazon SimpleDB, Microsoft Azure Table Services, Apache HBase and any Open Database Connectivity-enabled relational database.

The company’s news closely follows a recent technology alliance with Riptano, an organisation that provides software, support and services for Cassandra, to perform research on enterprise needs and use cases for deploying Cassandra.

“Quest is helping increase enterprise use of NoSQL databases by developing products such as Toad for Cloud Databases that integrate these new, lower cost platforms into existing enterprise information systems,” said Christian Hasker, director of product management for database management at Quest Software. “We believe the NoSQL movement is here to stay, and based on the activity and interest we’ve monitored in social media communities, combined with adoption by high-profile customers, we’re convinced that Cassandra will be a long-term winner.”