Four Favourite Fedora 14 Free Features

The Fedora Project’s community-supported open source collaborators have made enough “commits” to the code base of this free open source operating system distribution to this week announce Fedora 14.

Fedora project leader Jared Smith has described what he calls a “myriad of contributors” who have helped augment this release with new features for developers, system administrators and open source enthusiasts.

Fedora 14.png

So here are four favourite features in free Fedora 14:

  • Framework software for Spice, a rapidly advancing infrastructure for desktop virtualisation

  • New debugging features for developers, such as support for dynamic/unplanned memory usage tracking and faster launch thanks to pre-generated indexes

  • Updated tech preview of the GNOME shell environment, part of the upcoming GNOME 3.0 release

  • A subset of new and innovative software from the MeeGo community for an enhanced experience on netbooks and small devices

Restricting the list to four is perhaps unfair, there is more of course including OpenSCAP, an open-source framework for the Security Content Automation Protocol — and support for emergent programming languages like D, and refreshed versions of popular languages such as Python 2.7, Erlang R14 and the Rakudo Star implementation of Perl 6.

Perhaps I should have titled this blog “FIVE” favourite features – that would have still worked from an alliterative point of view after all!

A complete list of Fedora 14 features is available here.