Ferrari-styled titanium & sapphire Android handset

What do you give the open source enthusiast who has everything?

You could start with one of Vertu‘s handsets which cost in the region of £6,994 in the case of the firm’s latest Vertu Ti which has been built with the Android mobile operating system on board.

Made in Hampshire, the Vertu range features models with titanium casing, sapphire screens and Ferrari styling.

The firm (which was owned by Nokia up until last year and so has a logical history of focusing on Symbian) has selected Android “over and above” Windows Phone as its mobile operating system of choice for its latest model.

A spokesperson from Vertu has been quoted on BBC news detailing the firm’s insistence upon aligning to the Android ecosystem for reasons including device integration and global reach.

The firm’s units are all hand assembled and bear the signature of the person who built the device in a laser inscription inside the SIM holder.

Apparently not currently available in Phones4U at this time, Vertu devices are restricted to some 500 retail locations including 70 of its own “boutiques”.

Where many users will have arguably considered the rather pleasing Nokia Lumia 920 as among the best of the current smartphone crop for functionality and power, the Vertu bids to usurp the Lumia’s position with a “concierge” button to connect the user to a global team of deferential administrators who will book you into the Ivy or Claridges if there’s no room at Scott’s of Mayfair.