Fedora tips its brim to cloud computing with release 16

The Fedora Project has reached version 16 of its Red Hat sponsored free open source operating system distribution. With updated support for cloud computing and virtualisation technologies, the project’s developers are ebullient about the new release.

With the rise in popularity of Android in recent times, leader of the Fedora project Jared Smith has taken this opportunity to say that the open source community is setting a new bar for technical excellence at this time.

“Fedora 16 combines the newest advancements in open source virtualised and cloud computing environments with significant under-the-hood improvements — all while continuing to improve the operating system’s usability. The Fedora Project’s commitment to advancing free and open source software is absolutely reflected in what the community delivered in Fedora 16.”

The Fedora Project aims to release a new version of its free operating system approximately every six months. This rapid development cycle (so says Red Hat) encourages collaboration and the inclusion of the latest, most cutting-edge open source features available.