Fedora 'Pidora' now optimised for Raspberry Pi mini-computer

The Raspberry Pi mini-computer is to be served with new “Pidora” build of Fedora packaged for ARMv6 architecture.

NOTE: Fedora is a free and open source Linux-based operating system sponsored by Red Hat — it is typically classed as the second-most commonly used Linux distribution, after Ubuntu.

This new build emanates from the Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT) at Seneca College in Canada.

The distribution has been called Pidora 18 — it is a “Fedora remix” with Raspberry Pi optimisations.

There is a notable “headless mode” here designed to help at installation, especially when carried out over a network.

The development team has blogged to say that they are excited to announce the release of Pidora 18, which includes packages from the Fedora 18 package set.

“[This release of Pidora is] compiled specifically to take advantage of the hardware already built into the Raspberry Pi — [it comes with a] compact initial image size (for fast downloads) and auto-resize (for maximum storage afterwards) — C, Python, & Perl programming languages available & included in the SD card image,” says the team.