DevOps is a real job, it's official

The ‘developer’ and ‘operations’ DevOps role is now an official part of the tech industry nomenclature.

The number of permanent and officially recognised DevOps Engineer posts in the UK has jumped 347% in the past two years.

This news comes alongside the discovery that ‘DevOps Engineer’ has jumped 222 places in a list of IT jobs skills/job titles, making it one of the fastest growing skills needed by the industry [Source: IT Jobs Watch].

Open cloud company Rackspace has supplied these “findings” and says that by automating infrastructure, workflows and continuously measuring application performance, DevOps has become an important business process.

NOTE: The top technology skills DevOps Engineers currently need are Linux (79%), Puppet (60%), Chef (47%), Python (44%) and Ruby (42%), according to job advertisements for the position for the six months to March 2014.

Rackspace has a DevOps offering and launched its global DevOps Automation Service in late 2013 from the US — a UK DevOps Automation Team has also just been launched.

The firm says that the service is designed to help developers automate the process of deploying and scaling hybrid cloud infrastructures for fast-growing applications.

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