D-Wave builds open quantum computing software development ecosystem

D-Wave Systems has released an open source quantum computing chunk of software.

Quantum computing, as we know, moves us on from the world of mere 1’s and 0’s in binary to the new level of ‘superposition’ qubits that can represent many more values and therefore more computing power — read this accessible piece for a simple explanation of quantum computing.

The moves by D-Wave are designed to help drive the firm towards what it envisages as a full quantum software development ecosystem.

qbsolv cometh

The firm’s new software tool has been named qbsolv.

The software is hoped to allow programmers focused on this space to build higher-level tools and applications using quantum computing power without the need to understand the complete complex physics of quantum computers themselves.

“Just as a software ecosystem helped to create the immense computing industry that exists today, building a quantum computing industry will require software accessible to the developer community,” said Bo Ewald, president, D-Wave International Inc. “D-Wave is building a set of software tools that will allow developers to use their subject-matter expertise to build tools and applications that are relevant to their business or mission. By making our tools open source, we expand the community of people working to solve meaningful problems using quantum computers.”

Metaheuristic quadratic unconstrained binary optimisation

As noted on the firm’s GitHub listing, qbsolv is a metaheuristic or partitioning solver that solves a potentially large quadratic unconstrained binary optimisation (QUBO) problem by splitting it into pieces that are solved either on a D-Wave system or via a classical tabu solver.