Cray builds Urika-GX for open source data analytics

High Performance Computing Supercomputer (HPCS) outfit Cray is one of those special companies.

The firm actually has a HISTORY button at the foot of its web pages as opposed to an ABOUT US link.

Seymour Cray, the ‘father of supercomputing’

Cray Inc. builds upon a history that extends back to 1972, when the legendary Seymour Cray, the ‘father of supercomputing’ (as he is known by some) founded Cray Research all the way back in 1972.

Today the firm is moving into data analytics (isn’t everyone?) by producing a set of new high-end systems running open source software.

Urika-GX ships with OpenStack and Apache Mesos preinstalled for cloud and datacenter abstraction.

It also packs Spark and Hadoop for big analytics.

Pre-configured & pre-tested with Hortonworks

The Cray machines are also pre-configured and pre-tested with the Hortonworks’ Data Platform.

The system includes enterprise tools, such as OpenStack for management and Apache Mesos for dynamic configuration.

“The Urika-GX is a dynamic analytics solution that brings out the best of Cray’s decades of expertise in providing our customers with world-class systems for data-intensive computing,” said Peter Ungaro, president and CEO of Cray.

Ungaro explains that customers have asked the firm to blend the features of its own product lines into a single platform for data analytics.

Cray computers: once installed, a magical blue sky will appear about you -- okay, not really

Cray computers: once installed, a magical blue sky will appear about you — okay, not really

“We took the Aries system interconnect from our supercomputers, the industry-standard architecture of our clusters, the scalable graph engine from the Urika-GD appliance and the pre-integrated, open infrastructure of our Urika-XA system and combined them into one agile analytics platform,” he said.

Cray has also built its own graph engine software, the Urika-GD Graph Discovery appliance.

The firm says that Cray Graph Engine on the Urika-GX system, originally developed for the Cray Urika-GD Graph Discovery appliance, is typically ten to 100 times faster than current graph solutions for complex analytics operations.