CloudStack Collaboration Conference & ApacheCon 2014: in pictures

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The CloudStack Collaboration Conference & ApacheCon 2014 event was held in Budapest this month.

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This isn’t a trade-show masquerading as a conference: the CloudStack community says it focuses on making great software and this conference was designed reflect that ethos.

NOTE: In retrospect, having seen the event played out — it is quite amazing just how much marketing goes into driving the content we see at “normal” vendor events. This gathering was, in contrast, real techies working on real software.

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Sébastien Goasguen was excited to inform the audience about his new O’Reilly Book — 60 Recipes for Apache CloudStack, Using the CloudStack Ecosystem.

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“[We staged this event] ‘spoil’ the secret of us not being so well know — so now ApacheCon and the CloudStack Collaboration Conference EU in Budapest marks the largest meet-up for the project to date,” Mark R. Hinkle, senior director for open source solutions at Citrix.

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There just aren’t enough female programmers and the issue of women in IT remains a key concern — not just women at the top, but also the need for real coders and those with hands on operational skills. One lady software engineer was spotted though.