CloudBees snuggles Mesosphere -- 5 steps to high-velocity cloud apps

CloudBees has collaborated with Mesosphere to support Continuous Delivery (CD) by running Jenkins on Mesosphere’s Datacenter Operating System (DC/OS). So let’s break down the facts.

  1. Jenkins is an open source continuous integration tool written in Java… cloud apps are ‘always-on’, so continuous integration is a good thing.
  2. CloudBees is an enterprise Jenkins company — that means they’ll sell ya locked down Jenkins with security, scalability and manageability.
  3. Mesosphere is a datacentre operating system — that bit was easy.
  4. Continuous Delivery (CD) is very much of the ‘short cycle’ Agile (CAPS A) always-on application type that we would expect to see in cloud environments.
  5. DC/OS services are highly available and users can deploy and manage distributed services, as well as massive collections of application containers, without configuring servers.

This alliance (remember the news statement at the top?) seeks to provide the support needed to scale mission-critical workloads using containerised infrastructures.

Jenkins to Mesosphere: "Hey! Wanna snuggle? Like, continuously?" Source: SuggestedPost.EU

Jenkins to Mesosphere: “Hey! Wanna snuggle? Like, continuously?” Source: SuggestedPost.EU

Running on the Apache Mesos-based DC/OS platform, Jenkins can be dynamically scaled to run jobs across hundreds of Jenkins ‘masters’, on Docker containers distributed across the DC/OS cluster.

NOTE: A master operating by itself is the basic installation of Jenkins and in this configuration the master handles all tasks for a build system — in most cases installing a slave doesn’t change the behavior of the master.

Jenkins tools for distributed cloud application software development

Jenkins is available on DC/OS as part of the DC/OS Universe app store, which offers one-click installation of distributed services.

Jenkins is also part of Mesosphere Velocity, a top-to-bottom reference architecture for building a complete CI/CD environment.

“Leveraging the combined strengths of CloudBees and Mesosphere, enterprises will be able to derive value from both the Jenkins community and DC/OS technology to have modern applications built using the latest technology and processes,” said Durga Sammeta, senior director of global alliances, CloudBees. “By working together to ensure customers can build optimised CD pipelines and deploy seamlessly to the cloud, the combination of Jenkins and Mesosphere solutions amplify and accelerate the time to value for users.”

The message here is that Mesosphere’s open source DC/OS platform simplifies the process of deploying, managing and scaling modern applications, including Docker containers and big data systems. It is built on a foundation of Apache Mesos, which works under the covers to aggregate up to tens of thousands of machines into a single resource pool.