Certification-o-gram for Mongo

MongoDB has announced a certification programme for developers (and DBAs) to cover the practical skills required to build applications backed by the NoSQL database.

The company will initially offer the Associate MongoDB Certified Developer exam and and roll out Professional and Master MongoDB Certified Developer exams in 2014.

According to The 451 Group’s analysis of LinkedIn member profiles, MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database and now accounts for 49 percent of all mentions of NoSQL technologies.

This formal certification is a special opportunity to be able to reference the original Blazing Saddles Mongo excerpts in YouTube video format below.

“The launch of MongoDB certification is a response to the widespread adoption of our NoSQL database and the increasing importance employers are placing on MongoDB expertise,” said Andrew Erlichson, vice president, education and cloud services at MongoDB.

“Our rigorous, hands-on exam helps developers and DBAs build their careers, while providing organisations with a trusted indicator that potential employees have the right skillset to deliver on projects in this competitive industry.”

Extended reading on the history of the MongoDB name can be found here.