Canonical on the cloud = IBM DB2 on Ubuntu

Canonical‘s engineering and professional services for Ubuntu has this week begun to offer the IBM DB2 database on the Linux-based operating system’s cloud platform.

A virtual appliance of IBM’s DB2 Express-C software is now available to run on the Ubuntu cloud computing platform. The full version of DB2 software is also available to run on Ubuntu 10.04 Server Edition Long Term Support (LTS) for physical servers.


Canonical says that this DB2 virtual software appliance is part of a growing ecosystem for Ubuntu 10.04, which launched in April of 2010. DB2 Express-C is a no-charge community edition of IBM’s DB2 software.

The strategy behind this move appears to be an opportunity to target small businesses (who naturally demand lower costs as a prerequisite) and multi-branch companies (for whom virtualised software resources will always be especially useful) with what both Canonical and IBM are calling a ‘highly integrated and tested virtual cloud appliance’.

This is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), as an open source product, on the cloud – no small mouthful to swallow, so you can read more here on Ubuntu 10.04 on IBM if you wish.

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I see winds of change blowing through. Canonical with IBM has so much promise.
Thanks for your reply Paul - Do you want to tell us where your positive stance in general comes from and why perhaps? Adrian