Cache in hand, Varnish cloud workload tuning goes one louder

Content delivery firm Varnish Software has announced its Varnish Plus Cloud product — essentially, a full version of the Varnish Plus software suite that can be accessed via the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace.

The software itself has been developed specifically for SMBs that wish to forgo the hardware expense required to deploy Varnish Plus on site.

Built on top of flexible web accelerator (the open source Varnish Cache) Varnish Plus Cloud is supposed to give advanced users access to a special set of modules and expert support.

Cache in hand

According to Clive Longbottom, all-round technology enrichment maestro and founder and service director of the analyst firm Quocirca, the modern usage of cloud platforms of course introduces the concept of ‘elastic resources’ i.e. where extra storage, compute or networking resources can be applied to a workload in real-time to meet spikes in that workload.

“However, relying purely on the provision of such resources from the back-end platform can result in major costs being incurred.  The use of a data cache can enable traffic spikes to be dealt with without the need for major additional resources being brought to bear, so maintaining the correct customer experience while keeping costs under control,” said Longbottom

Varnish insists that Plus Cloud customers will benefit from faster implementation (there’s no need to work through internal permissions or to wait for hardware), control (via the ability to configure via the flexible VCL (Varnish Configuration Language); and flexibility with options to spin a virtual server base up or down depending upon web traffic trends.

“By making Varnish Plus available via the AWS Marketplace, Varnish Software is extending the reach of its core product to more organisations, in more places at a more flexible price point,” said Per Buer, founder and CTO of Varnish Software.

Via the Varnish Plus Cloud support subscription, organisations receive access to Varnish experts and software developers.