Box bastes buttery smoothness over Android image view

Box is getting extra robotic on Android.

With everyone from Tesco to LIDL to Dave’s Bargain Basement Cash ‘n’ Carry of Peckham Rye selling tablets right now, the market for lower cost digital slabs is hotter than ever.

BBC news reported this week on the UbiSlate 7Ci, made by UK-based company Datawind — now on sale for just £30.

Ergo, the use of the free and open source Android mobile operating system in the tablet zone is on the rise and therefore application developers should now be seeking to extend the functionality of what they offer in this space.

So it’s not exactly rocket science, but Box has announced a new update to Box for Android.

The firm says that with over 5 million downloads to date, Box has been “well received” by the Android community.

The new v2.4 update focused on improving the navigation and browsing experience, especially for pictures where Box has “overhauled” its photo previewing capabilities.

I like the buttery smooth biscuit base

Product manager of mobile at Box Simon Tan explains as follows, “We know that images (*.jpg files) are uploaded 5X more often than the next most common file type (*.pdf files), so we wanted to create a buttery smooth experience for those of you browsing through all those photos. Now, you’ll notice smoother transitions between levels and a fading effect for thumbnail icons as you’re drilling down through your folders. These look even better when you switch to icon view.”

This update to Box for Android is currently available on the firm’s Alpha testing channel.