Apps & the City from London-based app developer

London-based software development company AppShed has detailed plans to migrate its app development platform towards an Open Source footing.

The firm says he announcement acknowledges the growing acceptance and use of open source software amongst commercial organisations.

The initial phase will see the web apps; export files; SDK and some assets become Open Source.

“Our strap line is the creative apps generation and we fully anticipate current and future generations of developers to embrace the Open Source AppShed experience. In particular, the announcement will interest those developers that have considered creating commercial apps but been put off by the prospect of learning multiple coding languages or the cost of a licence,” said Torsten Stauch, CEO, AppShed.

“The cross-platform nature of [our] environment negates these concerns and introduces developers to a wider community that can support and guide their efforts, allowing them to tap into their creative trait and talents. For those developers creating extensions, AppShed’s growing user base and roots in various industry sectors offers a receptive market,” added Stauch.

Editorial note: AppShed’s move to open source might not be the biggest IT industry news breaking this week, but the firm’s London-themed app gallery selection (and yes there are non-London apps too) is quite interesting in that its rare to see a collection of apps all gravitating towards location and lifestyle dedicated to one particular city as such.