Apple Lion? No - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 instead

In a week peppered with massive exposure for Apple’s new OS X release Lion, open source converts will hopefully be more interested to read that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 is now here.

Key “extra toppings” in this iteration centre on features that enhance the flexibility, security and stability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 environments.

Red Hat also says that 5.7, “Includes a number of features ‘incorporated’ from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.” — by incorporated, we can take that to mean ‘brought forward’.

Application interface consistency is maintained between Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 and prior updates, allowing systems to be “easily updated” without application re-certification.

IDC reckons Red Hat to be the largest Linux server distribution on the planet with 64.4% revenue share. The esteemed and worthy analysts at IDC further hypothesise that we will see global Linux server revenue CAGR of 18.6% for 2009 – 2014.

NB: As analyst James Governor at RedMonk points out – it is important not to confuse revenue figures with ADOPTION, Red Hat may be the largest “paid for” distro out there — but there are plenty of FOSS (truly free and open source) distros also making headway.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 is available to subscription customers today and is accessible online using Red Hat Network or by using the new Subscription Manager feature.