Apache Hadoop powers IBM's InfoSphere 'BigInsights' portfolio

IBM has used part of its news announcement arsenal at this week’s Information on Demand conference to showcase a technology preview of its InfoSphere BigInsights portfolio running on IBM’s “commercial development & test cloud” environment. The company is reportedly launching the beta programme for the same software in “on-premise” deployments.


Invented by IBM researchers and software developers and powered by Apache Hadoop, an open source technology that supports data-intensive distributed applications under a free license for analysis of big volumes of data, IBM’s BigInsights portfolio is said to help analyse and visualise “petabyte sized” quantities of structured and unstructured data.

IBM says that this technology preview highlights the benefits of a test cloud development model including simplicity of set up, straight forward cost structure and lack of infrastructure changes.

The company also says that having this software on the IBM cloud environment makes it simple for an organisation to get started with Big Data analytics and determine how they can best use big data before bringing the actual deployment in house for operations on sensitive data.

By adding test data to the cloud developers can get started with Big Data analytics and show the long term benefits of enterprise Hadoop deployments.