An open source games editor everyone can use?

Independent developer Makslane Rodrigues has released Game Editor, a free and open source cross platform game creation application.

What does cross platform mean to the true open source evangelist?

It’s the Windows, Windows Mobile, iPad, iPhone, Mac OS X, Linux, Pocket PC and Android markets – each and every one of them.

Remember, this is not just about creating the next Pac Man. Firms are starting to look at the possibility of “gamification” trends that lets you create and distribute games that build brand loyalty for your company.

In terms of functionality, Game Editor allows the user to design and develop 2D arcade, puzzle, board, role-playing, shoot-em-up, jump and run and side-scroller games.

Could I really design and build a game myself?

If you are wondering whether you could do it yourself, the Game Editor team promises that it offers a simple intuitive interface that lets beginners design and create games — and the online forums provided include a “wide range” of game design information to get you started. Game Editor also allows the user to quickly prototype your new game, so there’s less danger that you’ll spend long hours developing a game that isn’t fun to play.

TECHNICAL NOTE: A power scripting language is included. Because Game Editor is distributed under the GPL v3 license, advanced programmers can modify the game creation source code and create games with unique features.

“Game Editor lets you see and change the source code of the game creation software, giving you insights into C/C++ programming,” says the development team.

HOW IT WORKS: Create a game theme and place your game actors on the Game Editor screen. You determine what happens whenever a player moves the mouse, clicks an object, or presses a key. By defining simple or complex paths, you determine the movement of all of the actors on the game screen.

In addition to moving objects, you can play sounds and run animations.

Game Editor runs under Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.