450,000 open source big data connector customers served

TIBCO stages its annual global convention next week – what used to be called TUCON is now called TIBCO NOW.

Yes, we preferred the old name too.


Any road up… the firm has just released version 5.6 of its Jaspersoft business intelligence (BI) software — available for free download on the Jaspersoft Community site.

This new version includes several product updates, including new big data connectors, interactive reporting upgrades, an updated OLAP engine, plus performance enhancements to TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio.

Umm, big data connectors?

Okay yes sorry, these are software services that enables analysis of all data in the enterprise, both structured and unstructured – but we need to know more really.

Sorry to crash the TIBCO story, but here’s a nice explanation of the way big data connectors work from Talend.

Talend provides an easy-to-use graphical environment that allows developers to visually map big data sources and targets without the need to learn and write complicated code. Running 100% natively on Hadoop, Talend Big Data provides massive scalability. Once a big data connection is configured the underlying code is automatically generated and can be deployed remotely as a job that runs natively on your big data cluster – HDFS, Pig, HCatalog, HBase, Sqoop or Hive.

450,000 served

Back at TIBCO, the firm says that more than 450,000 users have registered with the community, which hosts more than 150,000 unique visitors per month.

“Jaspersoft was originally founded as a result of an open source project, and we’re proud to maintain that mentality and commitment to keeping our business intelligence platform available to the public as a community version,” said Brian Gentile, senior vice president and general manager, TIBCO Analytics.

“We strongly believe that the Jaspersoft Community is responsible for much of our success and continued growth, and enables our software to be available to everyone from students learning to leverage BI to multi-national corporations requiring enterprise grade solutions through a competitive pricing model.”

Also here, additional interactive reporting features to provide a more customizable experience for users. New capabilities such as the interactive zoom, string search, and bookmarking help make the interaction of reports a more intuitive and powerful experience.