VirginMedia 50meg Broadband Week 2

Well this week has been interesting, speed overall has ben good, but it does drop to around 10 -12 meg at the weekend – if this is due to a large number of users or not I am not sure. Most of the time it is at a healthy 35-45 meg range.

I am very pleased to announce that the Airport appears to play very very nicely with the Virgin box, and there have been no drop outs at all of signal, something that was happening even on the 5GHz with my previous provider. Once you start to get signal problems you become a little hawk-like with watching the signal bars on a mac, and so far all is frankly, excellent in that regard.

I am enjoying the upload speed an awful lot as well, when I am uploading vids, this can be a tiresome and boring job, but with around 1.6 meg (which I know is slower than BeThere), it steams alonn.

I have just over a week off coming up soon, and that’s going to put the line to the test, as I will be using virtual worlds a lot over long periods. I am going to try and record my total useage over that time, so I can gauge what an over the top super user could potentially do.

Overall I am pleased with the service, I want to monitor the weekend situation over the next few weeks.