The Wonders Of Wireless...

Folks who work in IT – like myself – often tend to take technology somewhat for granted.

It’s only when you get on a train at King’s Cross, en route to Leeds and the mighty Elland Road, and find free WiFi all the way up the line – and it works – so you can write blogs like this one, that you start to really appreciate where we’ve come in the last 15 years.

I’ve been doing some WLAN testing with ProCurve’s recently acquired Colubris technology, focusing on .11n and here we have a genuine wired replacement technology in the right environment, with 200Mbps+ of genuinely available bandwidth and far better coverage options that with the old a/b/g options, especially at 5GHz.

Combining this with 3G data gives a true broadband user experience on the move; something I’ve personally wanted for years. Combine this again with the kind of “always on” technology that the recently tested NetMotion product gives us (spoofed connectivity at the app layer, so you’re always connected to your apps on the move) and you can truly be mobile and connected at a workable level.

Ironic then, that, due to the state of the economy, many companies are cutting down on staff travelling… Except no one seems to have told me!