That Bloke Mal Ware Is A Real Threat

Was chatting with Rik Ferguson of Trend Micro about the, er, no pun intended, trends of malware and other threats earlier this week.

Rik highlighted the seemingly exponential growth in aforementioned threats using Trend Micro’s own figures for their own Smart Protection Network – the primary architecture in the company’s cloud-based AV products. Between Q3 of last year and Q2 of this, the following differences have occured.

Daily Averages

Q3 2008

Q2 2009


Queries to network




+289 per cent growth

Threats blocked





+277 per cent growth

These are massive increases by any standards when you’re just looking at one product family from a single AV vendor. It does also help to validate my own findings in the recents tests I carried out on Trend Micro’s OfficeScan 10 product – the report is available from the Broadband-Testing website: – where I state that the cloud-based approach has to be the way forward for AV and related IDS/IPS solution for those users who are travelling around a lot especially.

According to, over 1 million new malware are generated each month.

Which is a lot.

Rik and I spoke about the huge increases in smartphone use and how that is becoming the endpoint of choice. Therefore, how can you put a full-size client onto that kind of platform without killing it stone dead? Using a much reduced client footprint has to be the way forward.

One argument against this approach is that is surely leads to a lower capture rate than “traditional” techniques? Trend Micro has answered that one with a number of further independent performance tests with a variety of labs, so that’s one myth squashed. The other concerns what happens if you can’t connect to the ‘net, but that one’s covered in my report.

Of course, Trend Micro’s rivals are on the case with the cloud-based solution but the question is – how far behind are they? Answers please on virtual cards, virtually posted in the virtual black box at the back of the virtual room… Or you can just send your comments here.

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