Swapping Staff For Vendor Partners

Interesting to see that, just as HP announces more job losses – see front page of CW today – amounting to 6,400 in addition to the 7,500 announced last Autumn, at the same time HP is jointly investing $180m in association with Microsoft to create a complete unified comms and collaboration solution. This Frontline Partnership announcement follows ProCurve’s own major ProCurve One vendor alliance announced earlier this year. HP really is swapping staff for vendors partners – almost one-to-one at this rate…

My mates in the ProCurve division will be a significant component of this latest “in your face, Cisco” proposal – all the more reason then for them to “take advantage” of some of the wonderful UK start-up technologies I’ve highlighted in this blog and via test reports on the Broadband-Testing website!

Going back to that front page HP story, also interesting to note the losses highlighted over the past 12 months – sales of servers and storage equipment fell 28%, personal computer sales fell 19% and printing sales fell 23% from figures for the previous year. What it doesn’t say is that the ProCurve networking division GREW by 35% in the same timescale.Sure those sales are down this year – whose aren’t? – but it still shows how little HP seems to genuinely value the networking world.

I meant, just how many printer cartridges can you sell?

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