Slow broadband speeds - it's not getting better anytime soon

So the average UK broadband speed is approximately under 3mb, eh?

It’s not surprising given that the majority of providers still use ADSL connections, which, given the web applications people are using today, has a limited lifespan.

As a consolation, some providers have begun using Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 2+ technology, which delivers more bandwidth over greater distances.

But both of these technologies pale in comparison to fibre optic connections, which need to be rolled out nationwide for us to compete in a global economy, especially in the case of SMBs.

Small and medium sized UK businesses aren’t competing with the business down the road anymore, they are competing with businesses worldwide.

Shriti Vadera, minister for business and competitiveness (and broadband), said in a recent Business Zone article: “Enterprise, especially small businesses, start ups and growing companies are the heart of the UK’s economy.”

If that’s the case, why is she doing nothing to help them get decent broadband?

Get in touch if you still have problems with your broadband where you live.

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