Shopping In A WiFi Cloud...

“Cloud” and “WLAN” or “WiFi” are not, to date, IT terms that are typically seen in tandem, but Tallac Systems, a new venture for a number of ex HP er, yes – let’s say it – veterans (I reckon I can out-run you guys if necessary) are looking to create one from t’other.

Some of the basic target scenarios here – for example, a multi-tenant building scenario, or a shopping mall equivalent – are not new; we tested this kind of application with the likes of Trapeze Networks  a decade or so ago – but the way in which Tallac is approaching this kind of solution, IS different. Have a look at the Tallac architecture, for example, to get an idea if where the boys are coming from, combining elements of SDN (OpenFlow) with Tallac’s own virtualisation model and open APIs to boot:

Of course, every start-up has to have a new variant on a marketing spin; in this case it’s SDM (not N, this was not a typo) or Software Defined Mobility. Get beyond the marketing BLX and the basics make sense:
  • Manage entire Wi-Fi network from a single dashboard
  • Control multi-tenant Wi-Fi networks, applications and devices
  • Application-based virtual networks
  • Cost effective 3rd party hardware
  • OpenFlow enabled API
So, the next step for me is to get some hands-on experience and the “seeing is believing” proof point. Watch this space…