Reporting live from CERN in Switzerland day 2 part 2


There are three dimensions: length width and height. The fourth dimension is often identified with time in physics.

But Markus Nordberg, Resources Co-ordinator in the ATLAS-Project at CERN, said that their research could prove there are either a total of 11 or 26 dimensions. The long and short of this is that our universe is one among many and if that’s true, you can throw away traditional thoughts on probability, as everything that can happen does happen, somewhere.

“When you toss a coin, you assume there is a fifty-fifty chance of getting heads or tails. But the act of throwing a coin creates branching probabilities. Both outcomes occur but in different universes,” said Nordberg.

There’s an old joke about a Physicist who goes to Vegas and places all his money on black when the roulette wheel comes up red. The Physicist smiles and is questioned by another player about how he can be happy.

“Don’t worry, I lost here, but in another world I won.”