Physical Software Defined Networking...

Following on from last week’s OD of SDN at Netevents, we have some proper, physical (ironically) SDN presence in the launch of an SDN controller from HP.


This complete the story I covered this summer of HPs SDN solution – the Virtual Application Network – which we’re still hoping to test asap. Basically the controller gives you an option of proprietary or open (OpenFlow), or both.


The controller, according to the HP blurb, moves network intelligence from the hardware to the software layer, giving businesses a centralised view of their network and a way to automate the configuration of devices in the infrastructure. In addition, APIs will be available, so that third-party developers can create enterprise applications for these networks. HPs own examples include Sentinel Security – a product for network access control and intrusion prevention and some Virtual Cloud Networks software, which will enable cloud providers to bring to market more automated and scalable public-cloud services.


Now it’s a case of seeing is believing – bring it on HP!

And here’s my tip for next buzz-phrase mania – “Data Centre In A Box”; you heard it here (if not) first…