Networking Derailed...

So Cisco is the latest of the networking giants to start shedding jobs; 6,700 to go, starting with 2,000.

Cisco’s points to the change in networking and the emergence of cloud computing as a primary reason for the slow-down; less folks want to own and run their own network, so there are less customers to sell to. And economies of scale should ensure that those fewer, but larger, customers, need to buy less to deliver more.

Of course, this is precisely what tried to happen a few years ago, when good old mainframe time-sharing was reinvented as Application Service Provision. It didn’t work then, but it might now. Enterprise apps aren’t too happy working over a 56K modem link, but do rather better across broadband, especially with the assistance of the type of optimisation products I repeatedly talk about in this blog.

Does this mean that Cisco and the likes will invest in all this wonderful optimisation technology “the best of British” that I invest my time in testing? Watch this space…

One such technology that is undeniably ‘more than useful’ in the cloudy computing world is the ‘always on’ client that lets me stay connected whether on LAN, WLAN, WWAN, or mobile data. And string is coming soon. Just finished some testing with NetMotion, wot provides this kind of technology. As well as maintaining the connection, it too optimised those links. So much so that, where Cisco VPN client failed to deliver completely, the NetMotion Mobility XE client was not only three times faster but actually finished the transfer. Cisco has a bit of buying to do…