Mobile World Congress? Let's Start With Netevents...

So – MWC 2010 is currently on in Barcelona, but I was actually down there last week at Netevents – – speaking on a couple of Cloud Computing panels.

The Cloud then – hype or reality? Definitely the latter. Yes, there is nothing brand new here – mainframe time-sharing anyone? And whatever happened to the $17bn ASP market that Gartner predicted a few years ago? But it simply makes sense to create an architecture where you can contact anything from anywhere and be less reliant on fixed locations for tin. It also means that we need applications that fit the agenda – back to my old mates at then – but, infrastructure wise, my old mate at Alcatel-Lucent, Phil Tilley, insists that the zillion dollar MPLS network that has been built out over the past few years is well and truly up to the job. The proofpoint is in the testing of a cloudy, virtual universe and check that it really does work. Watch this space…

So – in terms of other clear indicators from Netevents – video is clearly key. Now we are not simply talking next gen vid-conferencing here, though this is in evidence – check out who I should be doing some testing with in the very near future – but just masses of video traffic being generated. I started thinking about how often I use Youtube daily, for example, and the reality is that I’m watching probably 10 times as much video across the ‘net as I was 3-5 years ago. Now we all know that video aint like a basic data application. It needs TLC.

As does voice. Now we bring in one of the other themes – and clearly a key one at MWC 2010 – and that is LTE and we then have a fully IP-based mobile network too. So voice is VoIP. And that needs lots of TLC too. Makes me feel fortunate that I’ve got involved in a lot of traffic optimisation technology in the past two years and more. We’re certainly going to need it!