Mergers Emerging and Demerging And Christmas Wine Tips Emerging For Networking Types

2010 (that’s pronounced “two-thousand and ten” by the way – saying “twenty-ten” is as bad as the French saying “four twenties, ten” for 90) might have been a good year for acquisitions and mergers to date, but now we have an instance where a “demerger” is also a good thing.

The company in question is a client of mine, App-DNA, with whom I am by chance about to do some more testing with. Born out of the Camwood services group with a mission to solve migration and compatibility issues in the software world (I think we all know what those are), here we have a situation where, instead of a bright young thing being sucked INTO a giant corporation and being suffocated, instead it has been spat OUT into the big wide world, itself a predecessor of the world wide web, and still considerably larger.

App-DNA pioneered the use of heuristic algorithms to best determine the success of running applications in multi-enterprise environments. When we started working with them, App-DNA had FOUR employees, based in Central London. Now it has a rapidly growing team based in 11 cities across the US, UK, France and Australia – Space Stations next, followed by Mars, possibly…

By being better than Microsoft at ensuring compatibility between applications and MS OSs, App-DNA was recently selected by Microsoft to provide app compatibility licenses to MS enterprises undertaking pilot and proof of concept engagements in the Microsoft Jumpstart program.

Now, for our next testing with them we are discussing focusing on IE application compatibility. IE8 has thrown up lots of compatibility issues (happy to receive examples of these from readers – just go onto our website and contact us via that, or CW) and IE9 is currently undergoing testing with the W3C.

And here’s another issue. With so many companies still in IE7 mode (and I’m not forgetting the existence of Firefox, Chrome etc here), we have a Windows-esque scenario again of the actual users (and ISVs) being left one or two generations behind as changes happen too quickly. And, of course, the real irony here is that the browser was introduced partly to simplify the whole migration process and minimise change.

It’s a funny old world, Saint… (whatever happened to Jimmy Greaves?)

Winey Footnote: Been drinking a wine in Spain that is surely a must for anyone brought up on Novell (RIP), Banyan Vines, Microsoft LAN Manager (don’t make me laugh…) and the whole Local Area Networking era. It’s a Rioja called LAN (kid you not) and it’s a perfectly ok wine (especially if you prefer the modern lighter style of Rioja) while hardly a world-beater, but worth trying for the fun of photographing the label.