Load Unbalanced

So, as the fall-out from Nortel’s demise continues, we see that it agreed to sell the assets of its old Alteon division/technology to Radware for around £12m as part of its bankruptcy restructuring plan. Considering that it paid almost $8bn back in 2000, that’s something of a drop. So if you bought a house in the UK two years ago, and are in sulk mode, then just thing how bad it could be…

The point is, this technology was pretty well redundant when I last tested it back in 2004. So getting anything for it – are the customers still there to buy into RADware replacement? – is a bonus. Which kinds of sums up Nortel’s situation.

In which case, how much is proper, contemporary technology just tried and tested from the likes of jetNEXUS in the UK worth?

All bids in sealed envelopes c/o Computer Weekly, Sutton, please…