It's A Software Defined Analytical World We Live In...

Having recently finished some testing with Cirba on its SDI (Software Defined Infrastructure) approach to compute and storage resource management and app deployment, it’s been interesting to be simultaneously judging an early stage tech vendor competition and see just how many Cirba wannabe’s there are out there!

It’s almost as if IT shops have been forced to wander down the hybrid in-house/cloud combination and this naturally presents some management difficulties that the likes of Cirba are having to resolve. The two key words here are automation and analytics – and this is not purely a storage-related scenario. Having met up with Sophos research guru Chet Wisniewski last week, the security world is also analytics-mad; “the signature-based” approach is dead, long live analytics… Well it is true that the signature-based “matching” approach hasn’t been relevant for years, but the big argument here seems to be whether to analyse at the endpoint or at the edge, in the cloud… surely it’s all of these?
Whatever, the state of IT currently is that yer proper IT manager is confused as hell. Understandable – pick 10 vendors as randomly as you can, go to their websites and try and work out exactly what it is they are offering? I think in many cases, the hype onslaught has caused existing vendors to panic and react with a rash of TLAs (official term!) with little or no substance to them. Meantime, new wave vendors (mainly made up of guys who have been around the block a few times already) are simply a jumping on the TLA bandwagon and SDE  – Software Defined Everything…
But is IT really in a better place than it was 10, 20 or 30 years ago? “Automation”, “Analytics”, Virtualisation”, “Outsourcing” in whatever terminology you want to call it (there are now more IT words for “outsourcing” than the Eskimo’s have for “snow”), capacity planning (choose your term). DevOps = “Agile IT” = when we moved apps dev to the PC from the mainframe in the 80s,and took dev times down from nine months to a weekend! 
And so forth… new terms, same old problems!