IT workers could swing US elections

Did you know that IT workers may help swing the upcoming ’08 elections? 12 million strong, IT workers number more than miners, farmers and construction workers combined. For the upcoming elections, this mostly young, educated, upscale, independent and politically motivated group has a thing-or-two to say about the campaign for the Presidency.

Who do they prefer for President? Senators Barack Obama and/or John McCain.

What are their top concerns? The Economy. The War. Immigration.

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) recently surveyed 600 IT workers about their views of the ’08 elections.

If the 2008 Presidential Election were held today who would get the vote:

McCain 29%

Obama 29%

Clinton 13%

Huckabee 11%

Paul 9%

Not sure 9%

Most important issue facing the next President:

Economy 39%

War in Iraq 18%

Immigration 15%

National security 14%

Govt. ethics/corruption 6%

Health care 4%

Other 2%

Not sure 2%

Social Security 1%