How To Maximise Acquisitions...

This week I was at an HP press event (dusting off the journo hat) getting an update about many of the areas I’ve been involved in testing with recently with the company, notably the Converged Infrastructure (CI) solution and the TippingPoint-based Secure Virtualisation Framework. Key to the latter’s enhancement is that we can now looking at exceeding the magical 10Gbps barrier on the physical IDS side, while still protecting within VMs – watch this space for further details on revisiting testing here…

At the same time, HP is heavily promoting its “single pane management” concept that is IMC – the idea being that you can control (almost) everything on the network from a single interface – nothing new here in concept but then it’s never been perfected either. However, the company might be getting closer than most – customers have told them that it manages their Cisco environments (remember this is an HP product) better than Cisco does… well – only one way to prove this and that’s to put it to the test; again watch this space on that one too – the test environment will cover both wired and wireless networks, as well as hybrid HP/Cisco and possibly a few jokers thrown in too (where are those 3Com CoreBuilder switches I used once?). Any other suggestions are welcomed…

The point about these observations from the HP event is that one very common theme runs throughout… that CI data centre solution is based around H3C switch technology that came with the 3Com acquisition; the IMC product is pure 3Com origin; the TippingPoint IPS tech also came with 3Com.

So, the primary product strategies of HP networking at the moment are all under-pinned by 3Com technology. When you consider how many billions have been wasted on dodgy acquisitions in the past, including by 3Com of old, the $2.7bn HP paid is starting to look like smart (and smartly used) investment already.

Footnote: I got to the event location (Stamford Bridge, Chelski – Imagine that as a Leeds fan…) on the Sunday, along with my mate Mr MOB who’s in charge of MarComms EMEA for HP; so there was a certain high profile footie match on that late afternoon, involving Chelski – logical therefore to watch the match at a local hostelry? The problem is that Chelsea is far too HH (Hooray Hen) an area to show its own football team on TV in the local pubs, so consequently we missed half the match while trailing hopelessly from one near-deserted “Gastro Pub” to the next, in search of an elusive TV screen that was actually switched on….

And to add insult to injury: £9.61 for two pints of bitter and two packets of crisps? Welcome back Wakefield (£1.88 a pint for Clarke’s Trad Blonde….