How To Beat The Snow: Brussels To Andorra In 30 Milliseconds

London to Brussels to Andorra in under 30ms – not bad eh?

Even the Bugatti Veyron can’t achieve that (though with permanent four-wheel drive you’d think it would be ideal for British winter conditions, yet you barely ever see one, strange!) but… Vidyo can.

I first saw these guys’ vid conf technology almost two winters ago at a Netevents and was impressed then with the “before and after” application of Vidyo tech, but yesterday we did a full three/then four-way vid conf call, sound and all, plus presentations, using the Vidyo tech and it has a) moved on some and b) is more relevant than ever. We’re talking HD image, supporting four different resolutions on four different client platforms/screens (software download only for the clients), different ‘net feeds at each site, but with sync’d sound and almost zero glitches in 40 mins of conferencing for all of us.

Not bad, eh? It’s alll about that low, low latency, don’t you know. Even better – Eric (no, not my dad!) of Vidyo in Brussels, hooked up an additional client, iPad type device, and then showed me the image on that (conferenced in) via his other clients’ webcam, and the image on the pad was HD clear and in sync too – nice test.

Anyway, we’re looking to get a proper, full-on test of the Vidyo tech done in the new year – it is good… very much like the guys at aforementioned (in CW and this blog) Voipex take VoIP and go way beyond what standard WAN acceleration/optimisation tech can do with it, so Vidyo does with, er, video… maybe there’s a clue in both of those names?

Heading to “ash-pay” next week (HP France) to check out its Converged Infrastructure solution, then onto London to App-DNA to tests its OS/Browser migration/compatibility analysis software, with daily blogs, so watcheth this space.

More Christwas wine tips coming too (of course). Priorities, priorities… Interested to hear from anyone who managed to buy one of Heston’s “special” christmas puds that sold out in hours in Waitrose, despite being a gazillion quid each… I can recommend a wine for that too, so long as I get to share the pud.