How Much For A Cuppa Java?

Back in the mid-’90’s IBM dramatically increased the cost of business software when it paid $3.5bn for Lotus Notes (unlimited license mind).

And now it looks set to make Java worth around $6bn – so how much is Microsoft’s .net framework worth? But looking seriously at this apparently happening any moment now acquisition – IBM + Sun = 40% of the server market, globally. Which is a big number. So will this trigger off some kind of manic merger war and, if so, who marries who?

As observed previously in this space, we’re already seeing networking being woven into the storage, Carrier Ethernet and other technology sectors. So… EMC and Juniper anyone? How about Dell and Extreme? F5 and Force 10?

So long as it’s not a company beginning with “Northern” – applies equally to the banking sector…


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