How IT Can Reduce Your Local Taxes - In Theory At Least

Was chatting with a client yesterday about IT spending and I was making the point that it is happening but IT departments are keen to make every penny spent (metaphorically and otherwise) as efficient as possible.

So, whereas a big, shiny router might have been top of the wish list 10 years ago, now it’s more likely to be some form of optimisation hardware or – even more likely – cost-saving software.

Nice then, to see this point of view validated with a story yesterday in Comp Weekly:

… whereby councils are citing technology as a key factor in increasing efficiency and saving costs. This certainly ties in with a recent visit I made to Hull City Council as part of the testing I’ve been carrying out for Certero ( on its PowerStudio and AssetStudio products (both reports available on the website). The aforementioned council are keen users of the Certero software and reckon it reduces weeks of manual effort down to hours and, in so doing, makes some, otherwise “impossible” tasks, relatively simple. Read about them in our report on AssetStudio.

Bucks County Council is another keen Certero fan, focusing this time on the company’s PowerStudio software which ensures that PC/laptop clients are always powered down whenever possible. The focus initially here for Bucks is on controlling student usage (Bucks powers down powerbooks to save megabucks?) – a good place to start if my kids are any guide. I know – I pay the electricity bills on their digs in Brighton…

Thanks to the ability to name and shame lazy users it also acts as a splendid incentive to get the users to improve their own power-down behaviour.

Never has such a turn-off been such a turn-on…