Has The Networking Industry Gone On Its Hols? Let's Do Phones Then...

Just when I thought the days of everyone trekking off to Spain or France (I know – I’m the local there) in July had vanished, so the networking industry goes eerily quiet.

Lucky then, that I’ve just completed my pilot testing on smart phone performance (see elsewhere in CW news pages) for our soon to be launched Mobile Test Labs subscription service, so that I have something to talk about with various folks.

While I am keen to enthuse about the idea of a palm-sized device replacing a Netbook (let alone a laptop) and giving me 24×7 connectivity to the ‘net and my emails wherever I am, the intriguing question is, can this be done without the cost of actually losing the capabilities of the phone itself? If the results encountered thus far are our benchmark for the future, then the answer is no.

Clearly there are major compromises at work here from the chipset up. Hardly surprising really, when a gadget barely larger than a fag packet has to be, not just a phone, but a web browser, email client and pseudo laptop replacement with integrated 2G, 3G, 3.5G (HSDPA), WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, camera, MP3 player, digital radio… The situation is so bad that vendors are having to locate stuff outside of the internal protective casing (and I dont’t just mean the camera lens!).

And all this stuff does compromise performance,

Maybe then, what we need is an “on demand” service for building smart phones to our own spec. So, like buying a car, we opt for additional feature packs, so we get just the features we want and, ideally a smart phone that is not only smart but works as a phone.

Fat chance – but nice idea…

Meantime, more blasts from the past – on Monday I’m testing with a new client in the area of VoIP appliances. An oldy but a goody and one that no one has really cracked for the mass market, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

Meantime, if you’re into your smart phones and 3G dongles, then you’ll soon be able to see this stuff appearing on mobiletestlabs.com along with a load of mobile data apps, so we’re bringing the mobile and networking worlds together. You saw it here first…