GSMA Mobile World Congress - the future's not orange its green

So the mobile future’s not orange after all, it’s green and it’s Philippino.

Yes, “greenness” has invaded the GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards with a “Green Mobile Award” that honours new and innovative concepts that help the mobile communications industry operate in a more environmentally friendly manner and contribute to the reduction of the mobile eco-system’s CO2-emissions. Apparently…

The winner was Philippines-based SMART Communications, noted as being outstanding for its alternative power for cell sites program. The company uses renewable energy sources to power cell sites in off-grid locations. Today, there are about 68 cell sites in different areas across the Philippines which are powered by renewable energy. Of this figure, 41 are run by wind energy while 27 are hybrid using both wind and solar energy. Some of us have been running off wind energy since our first curry, but that’s another story.

However – shock, horror – it was found in a current study by consultants A.T. Kearney that consumers’ demand for so-called green mobile phone products or mobile minutes is comparatively low. So maybe the future is orange after all.

Beyond green, the awards were something of a trophy-fest for Vodafone.  Why, we ask? Ask Jamie Cullum, the star turn; I mean, what doesn’t he know about the mobile world?

Oh – and Microsoft has released Windows Phones. Don’t ask…