GSMA Mobile World Congress - 42 Mbps network speeds announced on day 2

Oz operator Telstra announced that its latest 3G+ network will support 42Mbps by the end of the year, just as the first 21Mbps peak-rated mobile broadband modem was unveiled. The reality however, is that if you get 8Mbps you’re doing really well.

That said, it compares well with the 9.6Kbps GSM speeds I was getting a few years ago on the train journey to the CeBIT show, where some bright individual was trying to send me a 73MB attachment. I didn’t even try to do the arithmetic to work out how long the transfer would have taken, before I dropped it. Forever was going to be close enough.

The Telstra network is using the turbo version of this modem to get its double-speed, a la 802.11g turbo at 108Mbps etc. As a Subaru driver I know the benefits of turbo’s – why not just make this the standard version in the first place?

So, our move from analogue to digital TV isn’t simply resulting in more channels and new forms of RSI through obsessive channel-hopping. The mobile industry is calling for part of the frequency range that has been made available through the release of analogue TV broadcasting to be made available for mobile networks.

The UK would appear to be definitely in line for making use of this airspace, but in exactly what form yet we don’t know.