Finally Solving Network and Storage Capacity Planning?

Interesting how some elements of IT seem to be around forever without being cracked.

remember working with a couple of UK start-ups in the 90s on network, server and application capacity planning and automation of resource allocation etc – and the problem was that the rate of change always exceeded our capabilities to keep up with. Moving into the virtualised world just seemed to make the trick even harder.

Now, I’m not sure if IT has slowed down (surely not!) or whether the developers are simply getting smarter, but there do seem to be solutions around now to do the job. Latest example is from CiRBA – where the idea is to enable a company to see the true amount of server and storage resources required versus the amount that is currently allocated by application, department or operating division in virtualised and cloud infrastructures, not simply in static environments. The result? Better allocation and infrastructure decisions, reducing risk and eliminating over-provisioning, at least if they use it correctly!

If it resolves the ever-lasting issue of over-provisioning and the $$$$ that goes with that, then praise be to the god of virtualisation… Who’s called what exactly?  So the idea with CiRBA’s new, and snappily titled, Automated Capacity Control software, is to actively balance capacity supply with application demand by providing complete visibility into server, storage and network capacity based on both existing and future workload requirements.  The software is designed to accurately determine the true capacity requirements based on technical, operational and business policies as well as historical workload analysis, all of which is required to get the correct answer pumped out at the end.

So, bit by bit, it looks like we’re cracking the 2014 virtualised network management problem. Look out for an article by me on deploying and managing distributed virtualised networks in CW in the near future…


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