Enterprise Application Acceleration

I noted on my mate Den Howlett’s blog – http://blogs.zdnet.com/Howlett – that he’d been interviewing the Chairman of the SAP UK/Ireland User Group, Alan Bowling.

Given that I’ve been doing a lot of testing in recent times on WAN acceleration/optimisation products, I felt it only right to get a view of the issues from the proverbial horse’s mouth; in this case, the aforementioned Alan Bowling.

At seminars I’ve spoken at, network managers from various corners of Docklands and the City – assuming they’re still in a job – have moaned about how badly their “enterprise” application run across the WAN/Internet. However, Alan tells me that he and his members have no problems with the performance of SAP itself across lower bandwidth connections. Indeed, Alan told he can happily run SAP apps using a GPRS connection to his laptop. But… he does have problems with most other applications across the WAN, and especially the traffic generated by the “M” word for whom it is certainly not the “Gates” of heaven. His problem, then, is throttling back all this other traffic to allow SAP to get through.

Funnily enough, that’s exactly what my fave WAN optimisation/accelerator product from DBAM Systems in Wakefield – no Yorkshire bias here, honestly – does; lets you first see and, then, control and accelerate every bit of traffic passing across your WAN/Internet connections. Great for terrorising the kids with as well. So my boys are doing their IM stuff and I trace their activity, the traffic, source and destination addresses etc, so I’m sure it’s them, then block that traffic flow. “Dad – the Internet’s down” is the cry. “No it’s not” I say, “but Yorkshire has assumed control of the Internet”. As it should be…

Note: this week I start my wine recommendations – an essential part of IT of course – so please check these out; while I do hang out in France, Andorra and Spain, I will be recommending wines you can buy in the UK – as well as some foodie recommendations to accompany them with.