Cisco Expands On Original Beatles Theory (plus wine tip)

Just back from a long weekend in Dartmouth (with many thanks to the Harbour Master’s office for their unsecured WLAN Internet access) and plunged back into the mad, virtual world of IT from one where landing crabs was the essential ingredient of life (as well as eating them of  course, and for this I recommend The Cricket Arms at Beesands, from where the crabs are sourced – the sea not the pub).

So, I was delighted to be thrown back in at the deep end and see that Cisco has turned the volume up to 11 on IT insanity by claiming that by 2013, telecommunications operators will deliver at least 48 hours of Internet connectivity in a single day. Which makes 14 days a week, effectively – beating the Beatles’ previous record by six days.

This, it is claimed, will be achieved by multitasking and background tasking. Cisco obviously hasn’t observed what happens when Vista attempts such apparently trivial tasks… Also, women might argue that – by the same metric – they can therefore deliver 72 hour days and have been doing so for centuries.

Indeed, Cisco claims we are already witnessing 36 hour days.I hadn’t actually noticed. It would certainly explain UK railway services however…But if Cisco is serious about this and took advantage of my client DBAM’s WAN acceleration technology (where we’ve witnessed up to 10,000 x acceleration on previously compressed files – scary but true) then we could get an entire lifetime covered in just 24 hours. Which provides a great solution to the question “if only I could live my life again” and gives us not so much a groundbreaking moment as a Groundhog Day breaking moment.

If you read tomorrow’s blog and it’s exactly the same, then you know something’s gone wrong…

Wine Tip from Devon: Try Sharpham’s Winery at Totnes. Excellent “raspberry tones” in its rosé and fragant, spicy whites. The reds are s**t however…