Bye Bye Nortel - Bye Bye Bay - Bye Bye Avaya? Bye Bye Vista!

So it looks like the Enterprise networking division of Nortel is going to Avaya after all.

Shame, ‘cos I really liked the idea of it being bought out and Bay Networks being reinvented – from an original idea by (ex-ProCurve) John McHugh, who took over the ailing (been waiting years to use that word) aforementioned division of ailing giant (and that phrase too!) Nortel, who used to be called Northern Telecom when they made real money.

So the moral is, don’t change your name. Nice irony there too, Nortel – being voice oriented – buys into data networking, which helps bring it down, so now Avaya – voice oriented – buys the same data networking division.

Bye Bye Avaya?

Of course, if Avaya wanted to spend approx $450m sensibly, it would buy the VoIP technology from the Voipex guys I just finished testing with, thereby remaining focused and acquiring perfect technology for the times (shedloads of biz quality voice calls up a basic ADSL connection, plus full data networking concurrently for less that the square root of sod all) but what do I know? Anyone wanting to see the Voipex tech report can checkout the Broadband-Testing  – – website as it’s going to be uploaded onto there today.

Meantime, if John McHugh is able to see this and thinks he’s going to be out of a job again – get in touch; I’ve got a great idea for reinventing Bay Networks for the current climate…

Finally, my hate-hate relationship with Vista (so what’s new?) is coming to an end as my only Vista machine – a wretched (thanks purely to Vista) Acer laptop – is dying on me through over-heating in temperatures somewhat higher than Ice Station Zebra (AKA the UK) so it falls over several times a day. The networking element of this is the mysterious disappearance/reappearance of the WLAN icon on the Vista toolbar. Following a driver re-install nothing has changed. Any clues can be forwarded to me right here right now… not so much Norman Cook as Laptop Cook…

Bye Bye

P.S. Update on my mobile phone testing – I did an interview for Netevents TV, so if anyone wants to catch it, it’s at: or accessible via the Broadband-Testing website. Our first report on smart phone performance is also available for purchase – perfect summer beach reading!