Just been swapping notes with my mates at the heart of the enterprise software revolution that is Thingamy.

For those of you who still think of terms of ERP meaning “Enterprise Resource Process” or similar, let’s start again.

ERP means… Easily Repeatable Process. It’s the same deal though: predictable, linear, structured production processes that account for approximately 30% of worldwide GDP.

This is a market we are all familiar with – the world of SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and others. From my perspective it is still a spectacularly restrictive and expensive world where ISVs make you pay millions for their software (and millions more on consultancy) in order to join their club and do as they say.

The problem is that the modern IT world does not revolve around easy repetition; it’s far more dynamic than that. Hence, the modern understanding of BRP or Barely Repeatable Process, which stands for a staggering 60% of worldwide GDP. These are the kind of processes you meet on a daily basis nowadays. They are unpredictable and unstructured, where the process is handled manually by hierarchies, budgets, emails, reporting, meetings and other variables.

In reailty, about 65% of resources and time in these kinds of processes is spent on handling the process/flow and not on value creation. In other words, it is the old story of IT not adding to the business but taking away from it.

Sig Rinde, CEO of Thingamy, claims his company provides the only IT solution capable of handling BRP positively with the ability to increase the world’s GRP to a 67% share. This is not an idle boast and one that is being taken very seriously now by the big boys, including SAP – see Sig’s blog at:

In other worlds I inhabit, such as ITSM, as mentioned recently, the likes of Sunrise Software are also trying open up what have been closed, restricted practices and make them customer-centric, rather than ISV-centric. The likes of Thingamy and, to a lesser extent, Sunrise’s Sostenuto platform can be the basis for ALL new enterprise software. They are not shrink-wrap products and they are not “this is how you do it” frameworks, but simple methodologies for modelling your business in software. The likes of Cisco and others looking to expand their private universe should be looking very closely at this stuff.

It’s the future and it’s not orange. Apologies to any Dutch footie supporters ahead of the World Cup…

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