Avaya - Sexy? Oh Yes...

There are those vendors – typically start-ups – that have some really interesting, nay almost-truly exciting technology.

And there are those that have worthy but (verging on) dull. Avaya would typically come into the latter camp, let’s face it; got voice cracked but hardly revolutionary.

Until now (as Jezza Clarkson would say).

Speaking with my Avaya man Nigel Moulton (scouser who’s into cars but only those that he actually owns) about Avaya Flare, rarely has a product been so accurately named.

Contained in the form of its “Desktop Video Device” this is the hottest-looking touchscreen technology since the HP 150 back in 1984 (man, that was awesome for the time – MS DOS compatibility via a touchscreen, when IBM/Microsoft had the B&W 12″ monitors and the DOS prompt to rival it). Basically it’s merged vid-conf and collaborative working into one, that looks to have moved the whole genre forward a generation and made it Android-powered at the same time. So you simply choose who and what you want to be part of the session and “drop” it into the “spotlight” in the centre of the screen.

Which is nice and something even iPhone users should be able to cope with.

It includes what Avaya describes as “a virtual Rolodex” that provides a singular view of multiple directories, including corporate and personal, Facebook, Twitter and others. Users flip through to find the person with whom they want to collaborate, see their availability, select the preferred mode of communication and launch the connection.

Moreover, it’s an open architecture so could and should spawn the same kind of Flare-App (as opposed to Flare Up) rush that the IPhone and now iPad have created. Avaya spoken in the same light (iLight?) as Apple? You’d better believe it.

Anyway, I’m sincerely hoping to get my paws on this stuff to put it to the test before the end of the year, so look out for updates here.

Now if only Avaya would go and grab the VoIP optimisation technology from my mates at Voipex (before a certain someone else licenses it to death) its quest would be complete…