Autumn Turkey, Modern English And Real Virtualisation

Hello from yet another Netevents – my bi-annual vendor/analyst/press jolly, sorry – symposium, that I am attending as a judge of the awards of the same name (as well as a CW blogger, a tester, alleged wine expert etc).

This one’s in Istanbul, where there appears to be lots going on in the Telecoms/ISP world. And, yes, it is full of kebab (kebap) shops. I’ll be reporting on the debates over the next two days, and trying to do a count on how many times the word “virtualisation” (or virtualization) arises. Likewise cloud.

Which brings me onto the subject of IT “speak” and imagining what it might be like to be transported forward 30+ years into the contemporary ‘net world and see a browser screen for the first time, with ads such as “Novell – Cloud Management”; little would they believe we can now manage the weather, but, at the same time, ’tis exactly the kind of futurist thing they would expect.

Then there’s this headline I saw on an IT news website today: “ LinkedIn users attacked by deadly Zeus spam”

For anyone only familar with Greek gods and Danish pork produce, this would be a pretty surreal headline. And I guess “LinkedIn” would sound like some bizarre sex format, so I suspect they would simply be thinking “serves them right”.

Meantime, in the land of converting this stuff into meaningfulness, can I please point you at our brand spankers report on securing the virtual data centre – where we used real, virtual products (not so much of a contradiction in terms as it sounds) to prove the case using a Spirent test bed and donor kebab, sorry, product, from TippingPoint of the HP variety (not the sauce).

Anyway – tis available for download from our website:

The reality is that vendors are pushing out virtual solutions without having been able to test them; so we’ve taken up the challenge on their behalf. Join the queue here my good vendors…

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