At The End Of The Network

One of the problems we’ve faced in trying to maximise throughput in the past has not been at the network – say WAN – level, but what happens once you get that (big) data off the network and try to store at the same speed directly onto the storage.


We saw this limitation, for example, last year, when testing with Isilon and Talon Data and using traditional storage technology – the 10gigabit line speeds we were achieving with the Talon Data just couldn’t be sustained when transferring all that data onto the storage cluster. While we believe that regular SSD (Solid State Disk) technology would have provided a slight improvement, we still wouldn’t have been talking end-to-end consistent, top-level performance.


So it’s with some interest – to say the least – that I’ve started working with a US start-up, Constant Velocity Technology, that reckons it has the capability to solve exactly this problem. We’re currently looking to put together a test with them: – and another “big data” high-speed transfer technology client of mine, Bitspeed, with a view to proving we can do 10Gbps, end-to-end, from disk to disk.


Even more interesting, this is happening in “Hollywood” in one of the big-name M&E companies there. However, if any of you reading this are server vendors, then please get in touch as we need a pair of serious servers (without storage) to assist with the project!


Life beyond networking…

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